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  • Heller Chiropractic, Health and Healing for All
  • Heller Chiropractic, Health and Healing for All

Animal Chiropractic: Do Your Pets Really Need It?
Published by Triplehchiropractic on January 19, 2016

Most of us have probably never considered a chiropractor for our pets. Our animal friends exhibit obvious symptoms when they are under stress from severe pain and other problems, and we are quick to get them help. But how do they tell us that their joints hurt or that their muscles ache? They are likely plagued by the same ailments as their human counterparts.

Stiff necks, sore knees, misaligned spines, and more cause us grief. Could the same hold true for the animals we love so dearly? According to the New York Times’ Well Blog, Veterinary chiropractic has been used in the equine world to treat horses for quite some time and is becoming more popular as a treatment for household pets. This raises the question of whether or not our pets can truly benefit from chiropractic assistance. At Triple H Chiropractic, we know that they will, and below are some of the reasons why your pet will benefit from this practice.

For the Love of Pets

Pet owners are a special breed, no pun intended. You love your critters like family. Heck, in some cases, more than family. Pets don’t question, they don’t argue, they don’t betray. They love unconditionally. That is one of the many, many reasons why humans fall in love with them, that unconditional love.

As a result of this love, we suffer when they suffer, and we get them to the vet as quickly as possible if we deem it a serious enough matter. For those things that may not appear as serious, we should take a closer look. You may not know what to look for regarding maladies that could be repaired with proper spine alignment. Why would you? Pet chiropractic isn’t exactly a household word. Nonetheless, caring owners will want as much information as possible for the better care of their pets.

A Horse of a Different Color

Horse owners prefer their animals to be in prime health. Racehorse owners want their horses in top shape for performance reasons. These people have known for a while that chiropractic treatment can improve joint health in their animals, as well as a slew of other issues.

If you own a horse, you know how wonderful these magnificent creatures truly are, and why they make excellent friends. And you are likely very sensitive to changes in your horse. Which is a good thing because it is you who must determine if your horse needs to be looked at for adjustment. If you notice changes in gait, or if they are resisting the bridle or the saddle, you should get in touch with a professional. The traditional philosophy is that any horse can benefit from a chiropractic assessment. Routine treatment can restore and maintain motion and joint function.

See Spot Run Better

If your dog is behaving in a way that lets you know something is not quite right, or if he or she is having problems with movement, posture, gait, or stiffness and apparent pain, an adjustment may be in order. The vet will do testing and take some x-rays before determining the best course of treatment.

If it is appropriate to make a spinal adjustment, then that will most likely resolve the issue. It may seem odd to have your dog treated by a vet chiropractor, but once you see the results, you will feel better about the notion. All things being equal, your best pal will be back to his or her old self, free of pain and with a spring in its step. In the end, the primary goal, no matter what type of treatment is prescribed, is a healthy, happy dog.


Cat owners hate to see their kitty-cats suffer. Our feline friends can benefit from adjustments as well. When you consider how curious cats are and how they can jump, pounce, twist and turn in mid-air, stretch, and often fall, it is easy to see why they could easily develop joint problems that cause them stress and slow them down.

Cats rely on their flexibility, speed, and agility, so anything that affects these abilities will cause the animal distress. Look for symptoms such as unusual posture, stiffness, and difficulty climbing or jumping. These symptoms could be a result of injuries, misaligned joints, weight gain, or something more serious. Spinal problems or joint issues can have a severe impact on their lives. If a cat limps, appears to be in pain, or doesn’t move as it should, immediately take it to a vet. He or she can examine the tabby and prescribe treatment, either medicinal, surgical, or through the use of chiropractics. Don’t let them suffer.

Our pets provide so much more than mere companionship. They help reduce stress, lower our blood pressure, keep us from feeling alone or lonely, and studies have shown they help us live longer, more productive lives. Not to forget—they often defend and protect us. All they want in return is to be loved.

We should all pay more attention to our pets and look for the signs that they might be in need of joint care. Sometimes we attribute grumpiness, or them moving a little slower than usual to age or mood when it could be something else entirely. If you have any doubts about using a pet chiropractor, talk to your vet.

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